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About Me

Hi! I'm Sommer Nielsen. I started the Shine Your Light Co. (2024) and its philosophy out of my own personal struggles to make sense of why there's so much conflict and unnecessary human suffering in the world, as well as within myself.

I've had to learn the hard way that the answer to dealing with my own struggles was always within my control. For example, I've been involved in working for a corrupt start-up, to joining a corrupt church, to being a part of a shady online sales course on my journey towards finally realizing that if I continue to give away my power to learn right from wrong for myself, I will continue to get scammed! I believe in learning from others to understand right from wrong, but from an empowered place where I am filtering what others tell me from my own judgement and not taking what others say at face value.

We all have equal, inherent value and the potential, independent from anyone else, to know what is right, intuitively; however, I don't believe this means we don't have to put in the work to believe this is true. This idea is the foundation for how I now successfully resolve conflict in my own life and is the core idea behind Shine Your Light Co. I desire to help others put in the effort to honor what their intuition already knows, so we all may become better equipped to support each other to overcome our darkest, most shameful thoughts about our moral human potential.

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