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Work with Me

As a possible co-founder, business mentor and/or angel investor 


I am open to considering working with you, if you align with my vision and would like to mentor me as to how to run, grow, and successfully scale a company. If you have expertise in psychology, moral philosophy, or conflict resolution, that would be a plus.

Here are some ideas as to what I want to do:

  • I would like to create and sell online courses in the future, when I am ready. I would also like to write books, especially children's books. I still have a lot to learn and to experience before then.

  • I would like to possibly get a degree in early childhood education and start an in-home, licensed preschool so I can teach pre-k children conflict resolution skills. This would allow me to gain experience and form a baseline to teach courses from, for parents and children. This is something I would greatly enjoy. Who knows where this could lead. 

  • Leaders could use help in this area, too, but I am not sure how to approach this audience, yet, and I am not ready to. I would need experts to help me in this area.

  • I would like to create and sell art as a way to support my Shine Your Light Co. vision. 

  • I would like to grow and monetize a large online and social media following by implementing an effective content marketing strategy, when I am ready. I would like all of my content to be free, except for any courses, books, and teaching materials I put together.

  • I would like to start an anti-bullying movement in the future, based on my conflict resolution principles, especially for youth.

The sky's the limit. Please let me know what you think.

I have created an "in-progress" business plan, which is available to those I decide to share it with. Please know that protecting my company is more important to me than receiving any amount of money or help, so please don't reach out to me unless you understand this. 


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