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Work with Me

I am open to consulting with those of you in leadership positions, who align with the vision of the Shine Your Light Company, to implement my 50-50 Conflict Resolution Model for you and those in your care, with the goal of creating a culture of respect. Because I am just getting started in this space, there would need to be plenty of room for both of us to experiment together and grow. Further, I am going to be extremely picky about who I work with. We need to be a great fit if we are going to work together.

My main goal is not to help you increase your profits. I could care less about that as a main priority, and so should you when you are working with me. You can hire someone else for that.


As far as my role goes, I will give advice, but at times will act like a coach. I will also teach when necessary. I'll act as a hybrid consultant/coach/teacher.


Please understand that I only work to help prevent and address conflict and the resulting disrespect of others. I do not offer any effective communication expertise unless it directly supports improving respectful communication and conflict resolution. This includes business communications strategies for increasing profit and other common effective communication strategies like maintaining good posture, maintaining eye contact, altering tone of voice, learning how to be confident, learning how to be persuasive, etc.

I am also open to bringing possible co-founders into my company to help me create my vision. Contact me if you believe you can help me in a way that only YOU can. Feel free to give constructive feedback. I know I need it.

Bringing balance to conflict resolution

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